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Manged Services

Unlock the full potential of Managed Services with Realist AI. Our comprehensive solutions ensure that your cloud infrastructure operates at peak performance, providing a seamless and secure environment for your business operations.

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Proactive Maintenance

  • Benefit from proactive monitoring and maintenance to identify and address issues before they impact operations.

  • Ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime through continuous surveillance.

Security & Compliance

  • Enhance security postures with regular audits, threat assessments, and compliance checks.

  • Stay ahead of evolving security threats through a proactive and adaptive approach.

Cost-Effective Operations

  • Optimize costs with a managed services model that aligns resource allocation with actual usage.

  • Tailored cost-saving strategies without compromising on security and performance.

Scalable Support

  • Access scalable support based on your organization's needs, ensuring efficient issue resolution and operational continuity.

  • A dedicated team ready to grow alongside your business, providing responsive and reliable support.

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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Hear from our Clients

Project Meeting
"I have worked very closely with realist on designing various data pipeline(s) for very complex and large-scale data migration project(s) on public cloud. They thoroughly analyze the problem at hand and come up with the most efficient solution."

Abhijit Vyas, PayPal

bigquery migration delivery pod

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