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empowering businesses with ai and the power of google cloud

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delivery pods 

Are you ready to unlock the power of Google Gen Ai and the Google Cloud Platform?

Our delivery pods are cross-functional, specialized teams of Google Cloud experts that deliver rapid value to your business.

type of pods


This pod specializes in the migration of data from existing databases to Google BigQuery. This pod will migrate existing workloads and unlock the improved scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness of BigQuery. 


This data visualization pod transforms complex data into actionable insights, creates dashboards that provide clear and powerful insights to businesses using state-of-the-art visualization tools, allowing actionable information to be derived from all of the data that a business collects.

your pathway to


This pod specializes in helping businesses optimize BigQuery workloads. This pod analyzes  existing workloads and incorporates the latest in best practices and performance optimization ensuring every dollar spent on BigQuery is maximized.


 This pod helps unlock the potential of AI by leveraging advanced GenAI and machine learning capabilities on Google Cloud, paving the way for innovation and intelligent solutions

our process

with a clear plan in place, we'll assemble a dedicated team of experts to tackle your challenges head-on in the form of a delivery pod. Let's turn your vision into reality with Realist's proven approach.

project scoping

delivery pod selection

team formation

execution & monitoring

support, evaluation & feedback

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