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Our Showcased Projects

Realist delivery pods are ready to enable and unlock the power of Google GenAI and the Google Cloud Platform. Read about the showcased projects our delivery pods completed.

Project Key Metrics

Project: Jackal Exit

PayPal successfully completed the milestone Teradata to BigQuery migration, gaining significant benefits in query performance, data load times, and visibility. With BigQuery in place, PayPal is now exploring further consolidation of datasets, streaming capabilities, and leveraging other GCP services to enhance its data analytics ecosystem.


Project: On-Prem ops-wise system to Airflow GCP

Key Metrics

Groupon's successful data migration project involved migrating over 200 complex pipelines from their on-premise Opswise systems to Google Cloud Platform's (GCP) Airflow. Each workflow presented a multi-dimensional challenge, interacting with diverse databases including MySQL, HIVE, BigTable, and BigQuery. To ensure smooth migration, each workflow encompassed a mix of programming languages such as Python, Bash, Scala, and SQL.

Key Metrics
Whitestone Developments

Project: Buildertrends Integrations and Business Dashboards

Whitestone Developments recently undertook a transformative project leveraging the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Tasked with implementing a comprehensive data pipeline and business intelligence solution, Realist AI showcased its expertise by delivering a seamless end-to-end solution tailored to the client's specific needs.

This project not only offered the client invaluable insights through customized dashboards built on Looker but also integrated financial reporting with Quickbooks for streamlined financial analysis. 

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