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Jan 1, 2022

Realist AI - Your path to AI with GCP

For over seven years, Realist has provided our clients access to skilled GCP engineering teams. We have helped our clients leverage the power of Google Cloud and give their businesses the efficiency and scalability that Google Cloud offers.

We provide our clients Delivery Pods: a customizable, cross-functional team of technical professionals who work as a single unit to handle all aspects of a project. Our teams are equipped to handle all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. You give the team an epic, and they get the work done.

We mentioned customization. Our teams can be customized to contain the specific skill sets required by your project. Our engineers are professionally certified and trained to ensure their skills are top-notch. We invest heavily into the training of our resources on the latest technology to ensure they are able to give your business the best that technology has to offer.

Our teams have many years of experience working together and have consistent delivery standards and processes. This ensures that the team works together efficiently and their deliveries are of the highest quality.

Delivery Pods:

  • BigQuery Migration Pod: Seamlessly transfer your data to Google BigQuery with enhanced scalability and performance.

  • BigQuery Optimization Pod: Maximize your BigQuery investments through best practices and performance optimization.

  • Business Intelligence Pod: Transform complex data into actionable insights with cutting-edge visualization tools.

  • Generative AI Enablement Pod: Unlock the potential of AI and machine learning on Google Cloud for innovative solutions.

Hands-on expertise with core and strategic products including: Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Anthos, Apigee, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Pub/Sub, Dataflow, Cloud Foundation Toolkit, Fabric Fast, Terraform, RAMP rapid migration, Cloud Load Balancing, Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud IAM, Cloud VPN, Cloud DNS, Cloud CDN, Cloud Armor, Identity-Aware Proxy, Security Command Center, Azure to GCP, AWS to GCP, Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Build, Artifact Registry, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Logging, Cloud Vision API, Cloud Speech-To-Text API, AutoML, Vertex AI, Speech and Conversation, Dialogflow, PaLM API for Generative AI, and Google Maps.

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