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Realist joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage


Aug 29, 2023

Providing more value through partnership

Realist announced today that it has recently joined Google Cloud Partner Advantage as a Service Partner. Realist gives Google Cloud customers access to delivery pods which are cross-functional, specialized teams of Google Cloud experts that deliver rapid value. The Google Cloud Partner Advantage program gives Realist access to special training, support, and additional partner accelerators to augment Realist’s delivery frameworks and tools.

Many businesses are seeing the advancements of Generative AI and the impact that it is having on technology as a whole. Realist’s delivery pods are the building blocks to help clients get value from their data and create a launching point for Google GenAI and Vertex AI adoption.

Realist’s delivery pods enable clients to:

Migrate their workloads to BigQuery - The BigQuery Migration Pod specializes in the migration of data from existing databases to Google BigQuery. This pod will migrate existing workloads and unlock the improved scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness of BigQuery.

Optimize their BigQuery workloads - The BigQuery Optimization Pod specializes in helping businesses optimize BigQuery workloads. This pod analyzes existing workloads and incorporates the latest in best practices and performance optimization ensuring every dollar spent on BigQuery is maximized.

Visualize Data - The Business Intelligence Pod transforms complex data into actionable insights. This pod creates dashboards that provide clear insights to businesses using state-of-the-art visualization tools, allowing actionable information to be derived from all of the data that a business collects.

Enable Generative AI - The Generative AI Enablement Pod helps unlock the potential of AI. This pod leverages advanced GenAI and machine learning capabilities on Google Cloud, paving the way for innovation and intelligent solutions

“We are excited to join the Google Cloud Advantage program.” says Ryan den Otter, Realist CEO and Founder. “At Realist, our goal is to help clients infuse and apply Generative AI while getting the most out of their data on Google Cloud Platform. The training, tooling, and accelerators that are available from this partnership will help us deliver value faster while accelerating the adoption of Google Generative AI and Google Cloud.”

Realist delivery pods are ready to enable and unlock the power of Google GenAI and the Google Cloud Platform. Learn more about Realist’s Google partnership and delivery pods by contacting Realist at

About Realist

Realist is a technology services company with leading Google Cloud capabilities in data engineering, analytics, AI, and platform engineering. Our certified delivery pod teams across the United States and Canada have deep expertise and experience working with Google Cloud. We work with organizations across industries to help them unleash the power of cloud and data that create possibilities, empower people, and deliver impact for the better.

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